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We are a community gym based in Lausanne, offering a lot of classes a week to everyone from beginners to professionals with our coaches in a safe and friendly environment. Check out our timetable and enjoy your complementary class!


Jerome - coach of Muay Thai

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the most widely respected forms of stand up fighting (also known as “striking”) in the world. Unlike in boxing, Muay Thai fighters can make full use of punches, elbows, kicks, knees and clinch work to neutralise their opponents. As well as a very effective fighting style Muay Thai is a lot of fun and a tremendous work-out.

Sambo sport/Sambo Combat

Sambo is a Russian martial art which was officially recognized as a sport in 1938 so it doesn’t have such a long history as some of the others we teach here. There are different types of Sambo and their goals vary depending on the style. However, what they all do is show you how to end fights quickly – often done by taking your opponent to the ground and applying strikes or a fast submission hold.
Combat Sambo is the sub-class that we teach here and this includes striking, pins and grappling – chokes are also allowed, as well as punches, kicks and knee strikes. Other techniques are also technically allowed, such as head butts, but you won’t be doing those here. The style gained recognition through the work of MMA and Sambo champion, Fedor Emelianenko so if you’d like to see how Sambo is applied just check out some of his fights.

Cerdic and Gabriel - coches of Sambo Sport/Sambo Combat
Isa - coach of Grappling/Wrestling


Grappling is a martial art that successfully combines techniques and techniques of various martial arts. This sports discipline is based on wrestling in the ring and includes judo, sambo, freestyle wrestling and jujitsu techniques.

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Boxe Thai

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Sambo Enfant/Kids

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